About Us

What’s in a name?
A lot. The future, experience, hope and aspirations.
An opportunity for me to open a wellness center arose in in my life. Practicing and teaching Reiki I am keenly aware of spirit working in my life and others. I put it out there; “give me one inspirational word to be provided in my email inbox in the morning”.
There it was, an email from TriYoga of Central PA for a fundraising campaign via a crowd fundraising website, Indiegogo.
INDIGO: The word, ‘indigo’. The color of Archangel Michael, Indigo child, my early experience as.
WREN: Earlier this year I had a wren fly into my office glass door. Stunned, I gave her Reiki and a short period of time she was up an flying. A moving experience, the word ‘wren’.
NEST: Where do wrens live and produce life? In a handmade nest spiraling around new beginnings. A future with much anticipation.
WELLNESS: Holistic health’s aim is for wellness. Something that can be actively obtained through the mind, body and spirit triad.
CENTRE: Centre County, my lifelong home. Centre as in the center of a nest, a body, a heart. A center that radiates light… Where else would my intentions be?
The mythical indigo wren’s spirit leads us to wellness and who knows what else?
What’s in a name? A lot!
Beth Whitman, Director